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A parsec is a unit of distance most accurately measured with the universal constant of time in light years. The distance of a parsec is approximately 3.26 light years. This is where the inspiration for the name of our elegantly crafted wooden watches comes from – Parsec. The hands moving around the dial symbolize distance, giving watches the ability to tell time. Watches are extraordinary and, therefore, deserve an extraordinary name with a stand-out meaning.

Parsec watches are made with either sandalwood, maple wood, zebra wood or bamboo, and are built with quality materials without sacrificing the look and functionality of their performance. We use materials such as wood, bamboo, stainless steel, nylon, and leather to make up different parts of the watch. What makes Parsec unique is the beautiful construction of all our watches as they are almost entirely encased with wood or bamboo – giving it a gorgeous finish and surprisingly light weight.

Whether you’re looking for a gift idea, or want to put something unique on your hands, Parsec Watches will offer you a wide selection that will match your style.

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Parsec Watches Wooden watch round bamboo case
Parsec Watches wooden watches for men and women

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Our watches cases are made using real wood or bamboo. This is what gives our Parsec Watches the unique look that makes our brand. Other than the look and design, our wooden watches are incredibly light – this being one of the first things our customers notice when they pick up a parsec watch

Arguably the most important part of a watch are it’s heart and brains – the movement. Our watches come installed with the Japan Miyota Movement 2035 made by Miyota – a division of Citizen LTD.

All our Parsec Watches come in different styles and designs, that includes our watch bands too! Depending on the watch, they either come with bamboo, wood, leather or nylon straps. If that’s not enough, we even have Apple Watch bands for those that love Apple Watches but still want our Parsec wooden products.

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